Advice and Treatment Service for Sinusitis in Reading

Those aged 12 years old and over can access advice and NHS-funded* Treatments for sinusitis, without the need to see their GP.

Sinusitis Treatment in Reading

Fields Pharmacy, 1A Longfield Road, Twyford, Reading, Berkshire, RG10 9AN

Sinusitis advice and treatment through the Pharmacy First Service in Reading

Fields Pharmacy offers advice and NHS-funded treatment, if clinically appropriate, to eligible patients in Reading for Sinusitis. Book your appointment online.
Are you suffering from symptoms of sinusitis? If your symptoms are severe or have not resolved by themselves, you might be eligible for expert advice and NHS-funded* treatment through the Pharmacy First Service, without the need to see your GP.

Who is eligible to receive advice and treatment for sinusitis under the Free NHS Pharmacy First Service?

*The age limit for the Pharmacy First – Sinusitis Service is 12 years and over. The pharmacy team will assess your eligibility for the free NHS Pharmacy First Service. If you are not eligible, the pharmacy team may recommend a private service/treatment or sign-post you to another health service provider.
Now you can book an appointment online for the Sinusitis – Pharmacy First service. Click on the Book Appointment button above to select a suitable date and time.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis refers to the swelling of the sinuses that is usually caused by an infection of the sinuses. In most cases, it will clear by itself in a few weeks. If your symptoms persist or are severe, you might need medication to treat the infection and the swelling.

What are the Main Symptoms of Sinusitis?

Sinusitis usually occurs following a cold or flu infection. There are several symptoms associated with Sinusitis, including:

What are the available treatments for Sinusitis through the Pharmacy First Service?

During a consultation, your condition will be assessed by one of our pharmacists. The pharmacist may decide to offer you a treatment for your sinusitis if they consider it clinically appropriate and suitable. Your eligibility for the free NHS Pharmacy First service will also be assessed and the following treatments might be provided if you are eligible.
Corticosteroid Spray or drops
To reduce inflammation associated with sinusitis, a corticosteroid spray or drops can be given to the patient. Corticosteroids can reduce the swelling of the nasal passages and sinuses. You should follow the instructions given by the pharmacist and the method of administration in the patient information leaflet to correctly administer the corticosteroid spray or drops.
If there are signs and symptoms of bacterial infection of the sinuses, the pharmacist might consider supplying an antibiotic after carefully considering clinical requirements and suitability.
If the available treatments through this service are found to be unsuitable for your condition, the pharmacist may offer an alternative private treatment or sign-post you to another service.
Want to learn more about Sinusitis? Visit the NHS webpage for up-to-date advice and information on sinusitis.

Advice and treatment for other common conditions in Reading

The Pharmacy First Service is an NHS service designed to offer free advice and treatments to eligible patients for seven common conditions including Sinusitis. Patients can access this service at Fields Pharmacy in Reading. The additional six conditions covered by this service are:
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